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Download android app Phone Tracker – GPS Tracking

Phone Tracker – GPS Tracking

Use GPS technology to locate other people with your phone.
The Phone Tracker is a free service that uses GPS technology to help you follow friends/family and see their exact location on a map. You will be able to securely track both iPhones and Androids, view their movements, and see up to three days of their travel location history.
Phone Tracker

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Over 3 million iPhone and Android users!
Phone Tracker Features:
– Locate another person and view his/her movements during the previous 72 hours.
– Permission based system allows/denies other users to follow you.
– GPS options to reduce battery usage.
– Simple registration process.
– Follow both iPhones and Android phones.
GPS Locator
Phone Tracker Uses:
– Follow your child’s movements during the day.
– Know where a family member is at any time.
– Track an employee’s travel route.
– Locate friends.
– Find lost or stolen phones.
. Does the Phone Tracker record my location while running in the background? Yes, the app will continue to log your location until you reboot your phone or you turn the app off.
. Can I follow someone without their permission? No. You can only follow people with their permission. It is illegal to follow someone without their permission.
. How accurate is the phone tracking? The Phone Tracker app DEMANDS accuracy to drop a pin. It will only drop a pin if it can determine our location within 30 feet (10 meters).
Phone Tracking
This Phone Tracker app is a professional GPS tracking solution that allows people to grant permission to see each other’s location. It is not a game and you should ONLY allow people you trust to know your location.
GPS Tracker
Size : 6.5M
Current Version : 1.4
Requires Android : 4.0 and up

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