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Molto – Email App

Android Application Molto – Email App apk download file and feature

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Based on the idea that the more email reflects you, the more you’ll enjoy using it, Molto completely redesigned the email inbox. In doing so, it blurred the boundaries between email and content consumption, tasks and enjoyment, personal and business.
Molto introduces the next era of email, erasing the boundaries between social interactions, reading messages, and consuming content. The Molto interface has been tailored for a more enjoyable experience, while incorporating the functionality of email and extra productivity-oriented features.
Have a look at the main features below:
Redesigned Inbox
Enjoy a beautifully designed inbox tailored for Android phones.
Emails are displayed in an automatically-updated feed – similar to the look and feel of a social feed, harmonious with the experience you know and love.
Full Screen Message View
Personalized, vivid, clear. Simply swipe through messages in this beautiful and clear layout.
Quick Reply
The fast and effortless way to reply without leaving your messages; it’s a chat-like experience on email for when you want to answer on the go.
Redesigned Inbox
Enjoy a beautifully designed inbox tailored for Android tablets.
Intuitive and easy to use, it improves your entire email experience.
Quick Peek
Preview the visual and textual content of your email messages without actually opening them, so you can decide if you want to read them now, later, or never.
Full Screen Message View
Reflects your social presence with a beautiful and clear layout, and you can even move between messages with a simple swipe.
Photo Inbox
Delight in a photo inbox that features friends and family photos, keeping you fully up to date with the people who matter most.
Unified Inbox
Benefit from this unique master inbox for all your email messaging. Easily set up all your accounts for convenient access in one single place.
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Size : 25M
Current Version : 1.6.3
Requires Android : 4.0.3 and up

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