Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Speed Cameras by Sygic

Speedometer by Sygic is a FREE, most accurate and easiest to use GPS based app, which lets you:
• See the speed limit for the road you are traveling on
• Get the real-time alerts of mobile radar traps and fixed speed cameras location
• Know about speed limit changes & exceeding the speed limit
• Drive more safely thanks to acoustic and visual warning
• Track your mileage and useful driving stats using Trip log feature
• Record videos of your trips with the premium Dash Cam function


 Get real-time alerts of 50,000+ fixed speed cameras & radar locations
– Know where the red-light cameras are hidden
– Know the location of fixed speed camera
Join other drivers & report new traps
– Report new traps, police radar, mobile camera with a single tap
– Get help from other drivers and stop worrying about speeding fines
The easiest to use speedometer, speed limit, trip log & dash cam app
– Beautifully designed app with essential features only
– Choose your metrics – km/h or mph & set your own speed alert
Keep track of useful statistics about your driving with Trip log
– Speedometer by Sygic is your perfect GPS mileage log tracker
– Track your mileage and view your driving history
– To have the best picture about your driving behavior, see the useful statistics in your Trip log
Speed limits
– Know the speed limit for the road you are travelling on
– Get the real-time alert when you exceed the speed limit
– Worldwide coverage of speed limits is available in 120 countries
Premium speed cameras
– The world’s largest online speed cam database from premium providers TomTom, & more
– 300 000+ real-time alerts of mobile speed cameras and police traps each month
The 1st speedometer app with integrated Dash Cam
– Record videos from your trips with Dash Cam (black box) feature
– Use the videos as evidence in case of an accident or an insurance fraud
– Record 5-minute videos in 1-minute segments, with the oldest video deleted
– Dash Cam (black box) feature records video and audio, including date, GPS coordinates & speed
* Sharing recorded videos by Dash Cam is forbidden by law in following countries: Slovakia, Austria, Spain, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Belgium and Portugal
Sygic | Bringing life to maps.
Size : 17M
Current Version : 2.3
Requires Android : 4.0 and up

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