Thursday, 20 November 2014

Odia (Oriya) Notepad Android app free download

You can write, save, share and send Odia ( Oriya ) text using Odia Notepad ( Oriya Notepad ). 

It is an Oriya Text Editor ( Odia Text Editor ) providing facility to write, save and share in Oriya (Odia). It is very helpful for Oriya (Odia) people staying inside and outside Odisha ( Orissa ). You can write in Odia (Oriya), send Odia ( Oriya ) SMS, and share Odia (Oriya) texts in both text and image form.
This application contain Oriya keyboard (Odia keyboard) containing Odia ( Oriya ) Varnamala, Matras (Phalas), Yuktaksharas, Numbers and essential symbols.
The Oriya keypad (Odia keypad) has two Oriya keyboards- one containing Oriya Varnamalas and Matras and other containing Oriya Yuktaksharas, numbers and symbold. It also contains one English keyboard. Thus it covers almost all of the characters used by a Odia (Oriya) characters.
You can select text properties such as text color, text size, bold, italic and text background colors by clicking the buttons provided at the top.
Odia (Oriya) Notepad - screenshot thumbnail
 Odia (Oriya) Notepad - screenshot thumbnailOdia (Oriya) Notepad - screenshot thumbnail

You can save the current document by clicking the 'save' button at the left.
Open a saved document by clicking the 'open' button at the left.
By pressing the common button at the top left, multiple options such as 'copy selected text', 'copy all text', 'paste text' and 'delete file'. Do copy and paste by selecting corresponding options.
Select a portion of the text by dragging the finger over the desired portion.
Delete a saved document by clicking the 'delete file' option.
Since there is a possibility of Odia (Oriya) fonts not supported in certain applications and certain devices, options for sending and sharing the Odia (Oriya) Text Content as image is provided here.
You can send/share the content through available applications for sending/sharing such as SMA/MMS, Email, Facebook, Twitter, Google plus, Whats App etc by clicking 'share' button at the left. After clicking this button you will be asked whether to send as text or image through a pop-up menu. If you chose 'as text' option, then only the text content will be shared. In case of 'as image' option, the content will be converted to JPEG image and will be shared. Please not that when only the text content is sent, the rendering correctness of the content will depends upon the receiving device and application.
By clicking the writing area (below the buttons at the top) keyboard will appear. By clicking outside the writing area, the keyboard will be hidden. You can explicitly hide the keyboard by clicking the 'Hide' key in the keyboard.
May Lord Jagannath help to bring out more such Odia (Oriya) applications !
Odia (Oriya) Notepad APK DownloadDownloadV1.1-1.7M-Free

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