Thursday, 20 November 2014

Odia Panjika Android app free download

Odia Panjika's Description

"Odia Panjika\" is a very unique \"Odia Calendar\" application published for all people for Odisha. \"Odia 

Panjika\" has mainly focused on to give real Odia Language test in a calendar application.

We have started a new technique called Transliteration Odia Text to Speech(Beta).
This technique will be helpful to every common people of Odisha to use and understand this Odia Calendar application in their day today life. Currently we have published the demo version of this concept , which will be try to read some of the most important Festival of a certain month.
The user must have Google Text to Speech Engine installed in their Android device , otherwise the voice may not be clear and appropriate in other Text to Speech Engine.
So , we are requesting all , please use the initial approach of this new technique and give us your valuable comment for further improvement.
Odia PanjikaOdia Panjika - screenshot thumbnailOdia Panjika - screenshot thumbnail

Features of Odia Panjika.
1. Reminder.
2. Transliteration Odia Text to Speech ( Get Festival Notification in Odia Voice )
3. All contents are in Odia.

We are now started a culture to publish \"Odia Panjika\" in every New Year for all people of Odisha.

More Feedback : (Contact us to our Developers)

1. Anshuman Pattnaik (+919439579363)
2. Deeptiman Pattnaik (+918093576936) Rencent changes:
 - Fixed bugs


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