Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Caller Name Speaker


Caller Name Speaker App lets you forget to see who is calling. This App will speak the name of the caller to give you hands free environment.
This app uses built in Android Text to speech engine to voice the caller name. So we recommend that it is pre-installed in your mobile. In your mobile Locate Voice input and output settings (under Setting menu) and check the Text-to-speech settings.
Following are the features of Caller Name Speaker app:
- Nice user interface. Simple to use. Only useful settings in the APP.
- Speak only the caller name (If phone number is not saved in your phone it will not speak. Reason for this is that Text-to-Speech engine is yet evolving and at times it does not speak the numbers properly)
- Change the Volume setting for Caller Name Speaker. Recommended volume setting is to sync with your Ringtone but you can customize it.
- Provide a Text before the Caller Name (For eg: HELLO)
- Provide a Text after the Caller Name (For eg: CALLING) {In this case final Text to speak will become HELLO <> CALLING}
- Change the Pitch (Default is NORMAL). Other available options are: NORMAL | LOW | HIGH
- Change the Speed (Default is NORMAL). Other available options are: NORMAL | SLOW | MEDIUM | FAST
- Delay (in sec): This will be the delay between the consecutive speaking of the caller name during the ringing of the phone.
All over Caller Name Speaker is a helpful app and it’s totally free!! It will help you to know who’s calling while you are driving or doing any other important work caller name speaker will speak caller name exactly it is in your phone book.
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Requires: Android2.3 or later

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